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------- Thursday, July 14, 2022 -------
17:10 chartgod: Good day and I am checking in for any results of the issues I have reported going on 3 weeks now and unresovled. Please see yesterday's ticket, as that did not do anything to resolve IT. As well as awaiting a email thru main website etc, and not heard back
17:10 admin: Thank you for chatting with us. We appreciate your patience as the next available associate will be with you as soon as possible.
17:14 Ryan_B: Hello and thanks for contacting the Trade Desk! My name is Ryan and it is my pleasure to assist you today.
17:15 chartgod: I spoke with a Ryan_B yesterday as well as 2 weeks ago, is there moe than 2? lol
17:17 Ryan_B: There is a few Ryan B's lol. Looking though because I think we talked yesterday James
17:19 Ryan_B: I remember this and didnt get any good answers. That new stop order was cancelling your previous OCO
17:20 chartgod: ty, Jim is fine it did it twice again today at least >> UNG Had 2 orders placed 2 and a 4 way early this AM then 6.35am I slid up the sell limit of one and one GOT GONE - Just where did IT go?

Had (2) orders for SCO Changed a limit on the qty 5 and the 3 cancelled

So I manually sold 3

17:20 Ryan_B: You tried that USERGUI clear too it seems?
17:20 chartgod: yes did that
17:24 Ryan_B: Got it! Do you have a few if we can find someone in tech to take a deep dive?
17:24 chartgod: yes sir
17:25 Ryan_B: Perfect, let me find someone
17:37 victoria_m: Hello! I do apologize for the long hold. Our tech support reps do leave for the day around 5 PM CST and sometimes are not available around this time. I would encourage you to give us a call at 1-800-669-3900 since they are still available if you call to look into this further!
17:39 chartgod: I have called in the past, I also have emailed thru TD website, and awaiting there. Email is best, as I have called before one time for 1.75 hours and 9 issues, all still exist.ty Jim
17:41 victoria_m: I do sincerely apologize to hear you are still experiencing this issue. It does not appear they have a hold if you were to call. They will be able to look into this for you and review any reports on the account. Unfortuantely since they do not seem to be available on chat at this time, we are limited in the technical support resources we can provide.
17:42 victoria_m: I do see you sent an email to them today as well
17:43 victoria_m: On the phone, or when they are available on chat, they can view the issue in real time!
17:43 chartgod: I am 64 years old, left ear deaf and nasal issues, talk got nowhere, need to save my lungs ...and guessing that after 2.5 weeks, nothing has been done.
17:44 victoria_m: I do sincerely apologize. If you are able to chat back tomorrow while they are here, we can reference the previous messages and emails for them to look into this further. We will be happy to assist in resolving this for you and I definitely understand the frustration in how long this has been taking
17:45 chartgod: And need to save it for paying clients when I can
17:45 victoria_m: I can notate the account as well for you for the tech representatives as well!
17:46 chartgod: Please do, as 8+ hours of chat so far, and I was under the imprssion, something was in motion, but guess not sigh
17:46 victoria_m: Something I do see is that you have a lot of old thinkorswim sessions open
17:46 victoria_m: some of them are from yesterday. What I can do is close those old sessions. This should help with the efficiency of the platform
17:47 victoria_m: These can occur when the computer falls asleep while thinkorswim is running. Something else you can do as well is that when you experience an issue, right click where it says Set Up. This will create an error report for the tech reps to review!
17:49 chartgod: Sorry for the image, but talk is too cheap with anyone anymore, as I am 64 years old, been prgramming since paper tape prgorammed pretty much all useful languages, help Jerry Medved with his stull, also SmatServ Online when they were around. It's deeper than that, sorry, as all was fine since July of 2015, yes 7 years and something they did over a weekend, 2.5 weeks ago is screwed up. Anyway? Please maybe get this Kaitlyn Kunz?
17:49 chartgod: Maybe she will care
17:50 victoria_m: I can definitely reach out to her for you. Shes unavailable at this time. Has she assisted you before?
17:51 chartgod: Not yet, as I figured I would go thru the proper steps, yet all going nowhere as nothing fixed
17:52 chartgod: I am sure you can email her, and for sure, she can see client messages, and you could contact her and advise her please.
17:53 victoria_m: Understood. I can definitely see what I can do! I would encourage you if possible to still reach out tomorrow because I cannot assure that they will be able to reach out, but I am happy to help any way I can
17:54 chartgod: Thank you for your time Victoria, but going on 9 hours of nothing so far, and simple request for them to is way to simple, IMO sorry, just never experienced anything like this for this amnount of time sorry and have a nice eveing. Jim
17:55 victoria_m: I do apologize Jim. I wish I was of better assistance on the technical support side, but I will be happy to help and I definitely understand your frustrations. Thank you for choosing TD Ameritrade and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach back out or call us at 1-800-672-2098. Have a great day! :)



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