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------- Thursday, July 21, 2022 -------
10:07 chartgod: Last chat closed?
10:07 admin: Thank you for chatting with us. We appreciate your patience as the next available associate will be with you as soon as possible.
10:12 Alex_A: Good Morning, what can I help you out with?
10:12 chartgod: Is Ryan_B from yesterday available Alex?
10:13 Alex_A: Possibly, let me see
10:13 chartgod: ANyway for now? As time is money, for you but not for me, PLEASE hop in with me quick please to Show another BUG
10:14 chartgod: Please as the market timing will be turing
10:14 Alex_A: He has not responded yet, but I could check out what you are looking at as well.
10:14 chartgod: please
10:15 Alex_A: ok, you want me to screen in?
10:15 chartgod: YES asap
10:15 Alex_A: ok
10:15 chartgod: OK I have existing order
10:16 chartgod: BUG I forgot I think, as this got trashed 4 weeks ago
10:18 chartgod: OK, see all that?
10:18 Alex_A: Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I do see the prompt where it would replace the existing orders.
10:18 chartgod: And hang on
10:19 Alex_A: ok
10:19 chartgod: Hope you are watching
10:21 chartgod: OK did not do it, but it also cancels existing orders.. It let me buy as this is diff acct All this SH*T started happening also, seems like after they re-did main website Standard and Conditionl options.. IT HAS BEEN 3.5 weeks and no one has a CLUE?
10:24 Alex_A: I am seeing similar reports and our tech is reporting that there is not an eta at the moment for a resolution. We do apologize for the inconvenience it causes.
10:25 chartgod: DID you see what just now with the 3 frigging orders?
10:25 chartgod: It causes loss off HUNDREDS when they cancel the OTHERS
10:26 Alex_A: I started assisting another client when you started doing chart drawings, so I do not think I saw that.
10:29 chartgod: That's GREAT as I have 12 hours UNPAID in past 3.5 weeks EOSEW I made 3 orders I changed (1) and IT cancelled 2 others !!!!!!!! When that happens, as fast as I fly, as you see, I GET SCREWED as the sops get gone
10:30 chartgod: I sent error report also.. And tried to grab it? IF you ARE watching, it never lets me have IT
10:30 Alex_A: I will take a look at the report, one moment.
10:33 Alex_A: Are you having any performance issues?
10:33 chartgod: NO,
10:35 Alex_A: Alright, makes sense because I am not seeing any issues in the report.
10:35 chartgod: But you did see stiff cancel?
10:35 chartgod: WATCH now?
10:36 Alex_A: Ok, I am watching
10:36 chartgod: No it did not do it
10:37 Alex_A: ok
10:37 chartgod: SEE THAT?
10:38 chartgod: Hello?
10:38 Alex_A: Which part?
10:39 chartgod: I WT Heck I placed 2 oders after FLATTENING what was htre, placed (2) more CHANGED 1 and the other cancelled? You mean you did not see that?
10:39 Alex_A: Yes, I did see that
10:40 chartgod: OK, so WHO in the HECK is in charge of this?
10:41 chartgod: I'lll fix it, as seems like no one there is able
10:41 Alex_A: Our development team would be in charge of resolving this.
10:41 chartgod: AND have they been notified?
10:42 Alex_A: Yes they have been given notice.
10:42 chartgod: Here's the thing, WHAT is an email address to deal DIRECT with them then please.
10:43 Alex_A: They are not client facing, so we do not have contact info to offer.
10:44 chartgod: SHE IS I BET and away I go, to get some HEADS to ROLL



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