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------- Wednesday, July 13, 2022 -------
11:17 chartgod: PLEASE, I have time now for the LAST TIME to waste time and lose money chatting and losing as orders get cancelled when I modify another that was already there, and then things DROP BELOW stops that DID EXIST up until 2 weeks ago upgrades? Please see FFIEW action done today,
11:17 admin: Thank you for chatting with us. We appreciate your patience as the next available associate will be with you as soon as possible.
11:29 Ryan_B: Hello and thanks for contacting the Trade Desk! My name is Ryan and it is my pleasure to assist you today.
11:30 chartgod: Still happening Ryan
11:34 Ryan_B: Got it. FFIEW. Which order specifically is the issue?
11:34 chartgod: How many are showing for that symbol now
11:35 chartgod: The one that is no longer showing, which was a TRail Stop
11:37 Ryan_B: 33% Trail stop shows cancelled
11:37 chartgod: YES< and look at the other one, there are/were 2 orders correct???
11:38 Ryan_B: Looks like a $1.11 LMT with it
11:39 chartgod: All I did was buy another (1) share, using +10% and then lose 0.25 cents, SIMPLY SLID the LINIT stop up andf the son of a B------------- cancelled IT... 2+ weeks and it also happens when I right click /cancel>> REPLACE with a different percentage.
11:40 Ryan_B: Thank you for clarifying there. Let me reach out to our trade resolution team for some insight as to what may be causing this
11:42 chartgod: yes, as I spend all weekend setting things up alerts etc...and when an alert pops? Or something 1 of 2 or 2 orders differnt settings etc they CANCEL and then I have lost $$$$$$ as I whip in and out of symbols fast, look at WHY I los so muck
11:43 chartgod: They cancel 1 or more orders that I HAD spent UNPAID time setting, and they cancel, hence when they drop? I'm screwed with the LOSS
11:43 chartgod: Kaitlyn KunzSenior Manager, Software Development at Charles Schwab and in process of getting some heads to roll also, sorry
11:44 Ryan_B: Completely understand the frustration. I'm a trader myself and it's hard enough as it is. Reaching out now for some insight
11:46 chartgod: ty
11:52 Ryan_B: Just to confirm. You have an OCO with a limit and trail stop for example. When you adjust the limit on the chart.. the whole OCO cancels?
11:53 chartgod: One momnet please.
11:54 Ryan_B: Of course, just trying to replicate myself while trade resolution is looking into it as well
11:56 chartgod: Yes, for examaple yesterday I bought 1 FFIEW and was oco trailing % stop. ALL WAS FINE. Right before I started this ticket, I bought 1 moer with +10% and less $ 0.25 LIMT. After that ? I SIMPLY SLID UP THE LIMIT order and it canceeled yesterday. It has been happening fgor 2.5 WEEKS, and when they cancel? I get screwed !!!
11:56 chartgod: as I do not have time to stay on that ticker and recreate orders that I had already
11:57 chartgod: And lookijng back we discussed and I wasted my heartbeats on 7/6 on this also
11:58 Ryan_B: Thank you for clarifying there. Whats odd is I did the same thing limit with a trail stop% as an OCO. Moved the limit and all it does is change the limit the tstp % stayed
11:59 chartgod: they said>> trade resolution team for some insight as to what may be causing this
11:59 Ryan_B: I looked at that. Different Ryan B but still looking at that chat too. I have Shawn in trade resolution reviewing now
12:00 chartgod: Thank you
12:01 chartgod: And I just bought another, and tried moving changing and they are both still there. Is it a flaw from where IF not today, then it does it? As it sure cancelled yesterdays, and I am sure you can check that part now
12:04 Ryan_B: Trade resolution looked at the time stamps. Whats happening is the three orders from earlier cancelled once you placed that new stop at .7926
12:05 Ryan_B: Looking at it, hard to see exactly what you are pressing. You had two at that point based on the second buy. Was the second reflecting in the acct?
12:06 chartgod: Thank you, so wondering why no one has yet looked into this? As also another irritating CHANGE that never happened in 7 years is that this STAY UP after modifying and also sometimes it shows the
12:07 chartgod: And sometimes it show SNAP TICKET view, and never did, not all the time, but the order book one used to ALWAYS collapse
12:09 Ryan_B: Snap Ticket is added to make TOS order entry more like the website, I dont use it much. The order book doesn't collapse? Or sometimes when you open its expanded?
12:11 chartgod: I only use AT and after the order SNAP TICKET never showed, now sometime does and ODer Book no longer collpases, as it has for 7+ years
12:12 Ryan_B: Have you tried clearing USERGUI? I try to do it maybe once every month or so
12:12 chartgod: What I am pressing? I am simply telling you guys for 2 weeks now it's SCREWED UP. Shawn reported to you, he said they cancelled them WHO did? -smile-
12:13 Ryan_B: The orders cancelled when you entered a new stop is all he can see
12:16 chartgod: And what I am stressing is that when alerts pop, that I spent all weekend or the night before POP, and IF I have had more than one OCO etc, at didderent levels, they ALL BUT THE ONE I just modified get cancelled, and I fly in between vharts so fast, like I said? I should not have to recreate what got cancelled, and not by me.. and then? End of day? I look at why I took a loss? Well, the orders were cancelled. and I lost $$$
12:16 chartgod: Do I need to >> Kaitlyn Kunz(She/Her) 3rd degree connection 3rd Senior Manager, Software Development at Charles Schwab
12:23 Ryan_B: Again I understand where you coming from here. I've tried to replicate here multiple times. Entered a new stop while having an open OCO, dragging my Limit and nothing cancels. I can certainly forward this to our tech/software teams. Our trade resolution team hasnt encountered this issue either. I would try clearing USER GUI after the session today or when you have time. it takes several minutes to realuanch tos when doing so
12:24 chartgod: done how please? > try clearing USER GUI
12:29 Ryan_B: Clearing user GUI is like clearing cache and cookies, it's basically clearing gunk out that will hopefully allow the program to run smoother. To do this, you will need to exit out of thinkorswim, then open the file location of thinkorswim by right clicking on the icon properties open file location. Once there, you will want to find the folder within the thinkorswim folder that is labeled 'User GUI'. Once you find it, delete that folder, then re-launch thinkorswim.
12:31 chartgod: The whole folder?
12:33 Ryan_B: Right. Delete the whole folder. It can take 5+ minutes for TOS to relaunch so be aware of that. I usually do it outside of trading hours
12:35 chartgod: Well I need to log off here and do it now, as mentioned lost $$$ with it happening and will try again, odds are tomorrow am as will place orders this eve, then see IF it has something to do with order from day prior or before
12:36 Ryan_B: Got it. If it is still occurring please reach out, I'll try to grab it if able. Trying everything I can to replicate it here. Reaching out to our tech team now to see what they think
12:38 chartgod: thank you very much, as mentioned I watched it all happen the whole week of 6/27 and thast Friday? I reported it, and that message is not showing. TY for your time, email is best thru website, as also still awaiting copies of all transcripts from January of 2019 also, so please check if that is in motion also?
12:39 chartgod: gotta go ryan thanks



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