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~ Rates based @ just $ 20.00 per hour ~ And I prefer to bid once properly defined and stick to it !

I have been Programming "stuff" since the days of Paper tape in the late 1970's. I first fell in love with Computers during a grade school class trip in 1968 watching Paper Punch cards getting processed onto huge Reel-to-Reel tapes At Fairbanks-Morse in Beloit, WI. My first Computer I purchased for myself in 1980 was a Commodore CBM 8032 at a cost of $ 5,000.00 and since then, I've programmed pretty much all computer languages when needed for various projects and goals. Learning never ends really. :-) Main goal anymore is to help others get to where they want on the World Wide Web for the least cost possible with the best obtainable results.

The most popular websites today, are built using what is called a CMS [Content Management System]. I "had" been on the the beta and development teams of the top system(s) on and off since their introductions, as well as eCommerce and Shopping Cart systems also. But, stopped that as that I keep bumping heads with too many "KNOW IT ALL's".

As well as Professional Websites, I prefer only Custom Coding and Scripts & SEO anymore {mainly because every body that spends $ 10.00 on a Domain Name and a free GoDaddy website builder or CMS, is an EXPERT} and able to provide very positive results and it goes hand in hand with the needs of my I had been doing Programming as well as SEO long before OOP & MVC were household words.

/* Online since 1986 with GTE Government Systems @ 300 baud - and also with Microsoft Beta Operating system Teams from 1986-2000 - had job offers over the years for MSFT but was burnt out on CORPORATE America

/* 1994 Built the First online EXCLUSIVE 50 State Real Estate Agent Database - [ Real Estate International Networking Specialists ] by spending a couple months copying and pasting results from {face it, there were not that many websites then} Sold the Database to someone, forget his name, who flipped it to

/* 1995 Built the First online EXCLUSIVE 50 State Trucking Database - [self explanatory] and sold it as no one was on the internet to

then in 1999 they spun off the Auto Carriers, as there business model was mainly freight and I don't blame them, as trying to cater to Less Than Truckload loads, for cars and dealing with individual people.

/* Went to work Microsoft subcontractor 2001 time frame  - Left in March of 2003 when our division was Outsourced was closed down and "anything English Speaking" was bumped up to a new center in Canada [free health insurance], and all email and/or fingertip related went to India

/* On the internet and doing websites, webhosting and server management since 1994 and now "just my stuff", for now.


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