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The woman never said who changed the locks, only referring to her as “neighbor” but I would assume that to be this woman: as she’s her neighbor that Mimi would always reference in posts and Denise is the same person who made the comments on Mimi’s post that gave updates about her condition and had obviously been at (or in contact with) the hospital. According to what that Dusty Dingo person said, Denise is only a neighbor, she is not the landlord, and would have no right to have gone in and changed the locks and not sure who called in this moving truck but I’m guessing not Jayne as it seems all of this stuff was playing out around the time she was just finding out. Just seems pretty shady that all of a sudden “neighbor” goes silent and has her own daughter fielding inquiries and then later refusing to give updates to Mimi’s friends.


You had mentioned previously that Mimi was always a little too good to her friends so I wonder if multiple people had keys to her place and that is why they changed the locks? So hard to tell who any shady characters would be. But really only the landlord should have been the one to change any locks so if the neighbor took it upon herself to do that, I find that strange but she could have also been trying to prevent other people with keys from coming through for whatever reason. It doesn’t sound like that Dusty Dingo person is even in VA, she seems to be in MI so I don’t know who of the locals she is getting her intel from but I’m glad she cared enough to be concerned about what was going on.


These people seem closest to her, in that she referenced them most: (wrote the nice memoriam for Mimi) and she along with (runs animal shelter) helped get Mimi’s dog taken care of right away. Another woman ( also lives nearby that has a young son that Mimi would always reference as she had built an outdoor enclosure for her dog to sit outside with her and they would greet him.


Dusty Dingo updated her post to state:

The will was found. Her cousin, daughter, and sons have been contacted. In VA only relatives can sign for cremation. She will have her last wishes carried out. I thank you all for your comments and friendships.”


That’s good. It makes me feel so much better that her final wishes will be honored.


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